28 October 2013

via #nasaga IB Glopo plays "How many squares?"

Its good to be back in the friendly confines of North Broward, especially with all of you Glopo folks. I had an indescribably wonderful time at both conferences last week. Ok, if I were to describe it, adjectives such as inspiring, affirmative, and life changing would probably be kicked around. You should also know that your work, ideas, play, and everything else that makes Glopo students so amazing were on display at both the Meritas Teachers College forum on assessments (Monday & Tuesday) and at the annual NASAGA conference (Wednesday-Saturday). Everyone I spoke with asked me more questions about you as students and the learning that we do than I've ever encountered at a conference. You should feel very proud (and certainly humbled) that there are educators, trainers, and other professionals from around the work who are very interested in the work that you do.

Right, to the task at hand. Today we played How many squares?, this was straight from the NASAGA Training Activity Book, in both HL1 and HL2 classes. You can find the complete plan here. Note the new TOK tag for this post; I'm sure that you'll find it appropriate for this activity.



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