10 October 2013

Refugees and armed conflict in the Sudans

Jerome Tubiana | Rebel Groups Push Sudan and South Sudan Toward War | Foreign Affairs

A great read from Tubina at Foreign Affairs that highlights the complex politics between the two countries, as well as the challenges of constructing and maintaining durable solutions for peace. Some of the most striking points include the statistic that the tensions have produced nearly 200,000 refugees from Sudan into South Sudan in the las 24 months, as well as this all-too-cogent quote, "Another reason both Khartoum and Juba hesitate to make too many concessions on the border is that both are rightly worried about turning disgruntled people from the borderlands into rebels." Students in Year 2 should take particular notice of this article as we prepare to study the issue of refugees in Sudan as a part of our coursework in Human Rights.