07 October 2013

US Foreign Policy and the Rights of Women and Girls

Our first Academic Conference call will be this Wednesday from 12.00 until 1.00 in the Einstein Room. Please RSVP for this event by commenting on this blog post no later than the end of school Tuesday (that's 8 October) so that I may give the requisite time to ask your teachers for permission to be out of class. If you don't RSVP on this blog post, you will not be able to join the call.

Our topic this week is US Foreign Policy and the Rights of Women and Girls. The call will be facilitated by Rachel Vogelstein, a Council on Foreign Relations Fellow and Adjunct Professor of Women's Human Rights at Georgetown University. The required background reading for this call, to be completed before Wednesday at 12.00 noon, are as follows:

If you are unable to attend this week's call, you can always find the audio archive for this and all of the Academic Conference Calls here. Thanks to the folks at the Council on Foreign Relations and @CFRAcademic for helping to support our participation in this project. 

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