10 October 2013

Refugees and IDPs: An Introduction

As we head towards the end of the Human Rights unit of the syllabus in Year 2 of IB Global Politics, we take a look at the geopolitical challenge of refugees and IDPs. You can find the complete plan here.

At the outset, please read both United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. (2009, March). Protecting Refugees and the Role of the UNHCR (Rep.). Retrieved from  and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. (2013, April 8). UNHCR Statistical Yearbook (Rep.). Retrieved from You should create a Google Document and answer the following prompt: What are the geopolitical challenges related to refugees and Internally Displaced Persons? Please feel free to share this document with me through Google Docs; I will provide feedback to everyone who shares their work with me.

We'll look at Darfur/Sudan as an introductory case study, play Darfur is Dying, and then apply our understanding and learn how to navigate and the HL Extension Task by researching refugees from Syria.

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