11 October 2013

Refugees in Sudan

  1. Prior to class on Monday the 14th, you should have completed the following: 
    1. Readings:
      1. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. (2009, March). Protecting Refugees and the Role of the UNHCR (Rep.). Retrieved from  
        1. You should create a Google Document and answer the following prompt: What are the geopolitical challenges related to refugees and Internally Displaced Persons? Please feel free to share this document with me through Google Docs; I will provide feedback to everyone who shares their work with me
      2. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. (2013). 2013 UNHCR country operations profile - Sudan. UNHCR News. Retrieved from 
      3. Lynch, C. (2012, May 7). The silence in Sudan. Foreign Policy. Retrieved from 
  2. On your own, please watch Stern, R., & Sundberg, A. (Directors). (2007). The devil came on horseback [Video]. United States: Break Thru Films. Retrieved from 

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