22 September 2013

The Week Ahead, IB Global Politics

IB Global Politics HL2
  • Monday: Finish Part 1 of Half the Sky
  • Tuesday: Start Part 2 of Half the Sky
  • Thursday: Finish Part 2 of Half the Sky
  • Friday: In class writing. As always, I will provide feedback to everyone who shares their work with me; this includes all revisions and additions to your original work. Please share your documents using Google Drive
    • (from last week): What information about gender-based violence resonated most with you during the screening? What was most surprising?
    • (for Friday the 28th) Choose one of the following: 
      • Nicholas Kristof says that one of the “global paradoxes is that countries with the most conservative sexual mores tend to have the most prostitution.” Why do you think that is? What value do women have in these societies? What examples from the film illustrate this?
      • Do wealthy countries have a responsibility to help poor countries improve access to and quality of education for girls? Why or why not? What more could or should the United States do? What do you think is the best way for you and the members of your community to help?
      • There is an international debate raging around the subject of prostitution and whether women will be better protected if it is legalized. What do you think? What impact do you think legalizing prostitution would have on the global sex trafficking crisis?
      • In the film, Nicholas Kristof explains that microfinance programs have not been as successful in Africa as they have in Southeast Asia. Why do you think that is? What challenges do women in African countries face that are unique to their regions?
IB Global Politics HL1

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