26 September 2013

Is there a most important concept related to the United Nations in world politics?

The results are in! Students in IB Glopo Year 1 have spent the last three days reading, debating, and synthesizing various concepts related to world politics and the United Nations as a part of our introduction to the Power, Sovereignty, and International Relations unit in IB Global Politics.

Working in groups, students identified key terms from their readings, sorted and ceded each term into a 32-team bracket, and then debated the significance of each term through the tournament rounds (complete lesson here). While there is not (of course) a single correct answer, these 24 students arrived at similar outcomes in their final rounds. The final class debate, discussion, and reflection will occur tomorrow; pitting the concept of sovereignty against that of global governance to determine once and for all (well, maybe once this week) which is the most important concept related to the UN in world politics. The complete list of terms used in the brackets are listed below (in no particular order of importance):

General Assembly (GA); Security Council (SC), Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), Secretariat (SEC), International Court of Justice (ICJ), State, Great Powers, Middle Powers, 3rd UN, Non-Aligned Movement, Human Security, Non-Intervention, Regime, Multilateralism, Multinational Corporation (MNC), Sovereignty, Group of 20 (G20), BRICS, Specialized Agencies, Globalization, Group of 7 (G7), Interdependence, Global Governance, International Organization, Collective Security, Peacekeeping, Arms Control, Self Determination, Non Governmental Organization (NGO), Democratization, Millennium Development Goals (MDG), Human Rights

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