07 September 2013

Motivation Survey

'morning folks,

First off, thanks for a great second week of class. Secondly, there is still time tom if you haven't had the opportunity to complete the Motivation Survey I sent out last week (thanks to those of you who have already done so). Again, my intention is to try and to capture your perceptions of student motivation, borrowing the methodology from an existing academic research project. This survey is for my doctoral coursework and not for NB. Please note that your responses are (1) completely voluntary, (2) are not a part of any planned research project outside of my class, and thus (3) your responses will not be published or presented in any way without your and your parent's consent. In addition, of course, there is no grade for participating in this survey. I plan to leave the survey open from today through 13th of September and would appreciate all of you filling this survey out as soon as you're able to. Thanks.

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