16 September 2013

IB Glopo Year 1 Writing Prompts (so far...)

'afternoon folks,

As promised, here's a recap of the writing prompts we've had so far this year (plus one for later this week):

  1. Describe your chosen news article through each of the lenses in Waltz's Levels of Analysis. 
  2. How do Constructivism (Idealism), Liberalism, and Realism each view states’ role in global affairs?
  3. Based on what you now know, how do you view the role of IR theory as it relates to your study of world politics?
  4. To what extent can we use intellectual constructs and analytical tools to make sense of (and predict?) complex social phenomena?
I will provide feedback to everyone who shares their work with me; this includes all revisions and additions to your original work. Please share your documents using Google Drive-thanks. 

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