17 March 2014

Welcome back!

Morning folks,

I hope that everyone had a wonderful and restful spring break. A quick bit of guidance for today:

Glopo HL2: Please use today and to morrow to familiarize yourself with the basic study guide for the IB Global Politics exam ( link is also on the blog on the right hand sidebar towards the top. Read the directions and develop your working groups, "study cults", or other teams that you plan to use to complete this; please email me your groups TODAY (17 March). You'll want to work on this AS HOMEWORK and CLASSWORK over the long haul for the term; from now through 1 May. We'll also run two parallel exam prep projects during the term. The first will be working through the mechanics of Paper 1 and Paper 1, sitting for mock papers each Tuesday (starting next week) and then debriefing and marking them collectively. We'll also engage in a project based on our Guacapolitics mock up from the week prior to break. More information and guidance on these will be available as soon as I return. 

Glopo HL1: Please use class time today to read Kegley, C. W., & Raymond, G. A. (2012). Patterns of armed conflict. In The global future: A brief introduction to world politics (5th ed., pp. 172-196). Boston, MA: Wadsworth/Cengage Learning UPDATED LINK ( All of the readings from this unit will be available in Dropbox here

For Glopo folks just starting TOK; please read these posts here ( and here ( I'll be covering TOK this week as well, so we'll take a our first dive into these concepts and terms later in the week. For Seniors who are finished with your TOK class; please be sure that you are physically checking in with the sub and I this week.You'll need passes to go to the Learning Commons or wherever you feel that you need to be during your exam prep. Starting next week, or perhaps the week after, I'll also be running sessions on CAS while Paul is running the TOK class. More info on this will be forthcoming.

I'll update the blog later today or early tomorrow morning with info for Tuesday; see you all on Wednesday afternoon.


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