18 March 2014

A rainy Tuesday in IB Glopo and TOK

'morning folks;

Here's the quick overview for today's classes:

Glopo HL1: Please use today's 90 minute period to read Hewitt, J. J., Wilkenfeld, J., & Gurr, T. R. (2012). Peace and conflict 2012 (Rep.). Both this and yesterday's reading of Kegley, C. W., & Raymond, G. A. (2012). Patterns of armed conflict. In The global future: A brief introduction to world politics (5th ed., pp. 172-196). Boston, MA: Wadsworth/Cengage Learning will be used as our launching point for discussion, gameplay, and analysis throughout the rest of the year. We'll start to put the ideas and information presented here into practice on Thursday; be ready to play a more advanced game on bargaining and war.

Glopo HL2: You all should be continuing to work to develop your study guides. Just as with work that you've previously done in TOK, I'd advise creating a Google Doc for you to share the burden of the work across group members. Please del fee to share the link to this document with me so that I can give you feedback on your work. So far, I've not heard from several of you about your group choices; this is not a good way to start off your final term.

TOK: Again, please review the email that Mr. Cronin sent you over the weekend. You should have read both of the recent blog posts on the TOK blog here and here. I addition, you have plenty of time to work in class today (5a & 5b) and tomorrow (6th) on developing your definitions for Key Concepts, as well as terms in WoK and AoK.

See everyone tomorrow,


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