21 March 2014

IB Global Politics: the week ahead, 24-28 March

'afternoon folks,

Here's the brief outline for next week-have a restful weekend.

Higher Level 2
HL2 folks; if you're going to make final edits to your IAs before submission and marking, please do so this weekend. Your IA scores will be uploaded to IBIS no later than Tuesday. Those IAs which are headed out for external review will be mailed out by Friday the 28th. Finally, I have the study groups listed as follows: (Devon, Jessie, Coby, Evan); (Zach); (Ilana, Jonathan, Lauren); (Max, ATD, Daniel, Jack); (Michael); (Ryan, Nathalia, Camilo). Please be sure you are making adequate progress towards completing your study guide. Your first Mock Paper 2 on the Power, Sovereignty, and International Relations unit will be on Tuesday, 1 April 2014.

Higher Level 1
Just a reminder that Tuesday's post-simualtion survey will serve as the data collection for my dissertation. Also, I'll be sending you and your parents a permission slip for our day-long simulation, One Village, Six People for Tuesday the 8th of April. We'll use this as the engagement activity for your IB Internal Assessment; more information on this will be explained in class later this week.