06 January 2014

PD day at the Prep: "Play to Learn-Cafeteria Learning Model"

Think games are just for the kids in the classroom? Think again! Brandon Boston (@MrBostonand I facilitated professional development session; a redux of a workshop we attended at last year's NASAGA Conference on the Cafeteria Learning Model via the Idea Learning Group. Faculty and administrators alike engaged in games at 4 different stations, each offering increasing levels of interactivity and complexity (collaborative story telling and mind mapping were my personal favorites). Everyone used the abbreviated debrief session (we only had 45 minutes for intro, flow, and debrief) to articulate their feelings about the event, how they could incorporate more game play into their classes, and brainstormed specific ways to make play a more durable part of their professional practice. Brandon and I are looking forward to incorporating more of this type of work into our regular PD & training sessions during the rest of the year. 




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