27 January 2014

IB Global Politics plays Economicon

"The game that lets you toy with global economics without the hassle of world domination."

As I write this post from the Netherlands, I have the sneaking suspicion that the HL2 Glopo kids are still playing this game. We've been working with Economicon as a part of our study of Development, specifically inequality. Building on Richard Wilkinson's presentation on the impact of inequality in wealthy societies, students were positioned in small societies based on unequal distributions of wealth. Once each society worked through ten rounds of actions-everything from sharing resources to stealing from one another-we modified the game mechanics and constructed a large, rather unequal society from which to operate. Debriefing topics included the recognition of just how durable an experience poverty can be in highly divided societies, as well as the notion that the visibility or awareness of distribution of wealth plays into the perceptions and decisions of members in societies. 



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