10 January 2014

IB Global Politics (HL1 & HL2): The week ahead, 13-17 January

HL1: In what ways, and with what effects, are responses to and effects of natural disasters politicized?

  • Monday: Current Events Briefing
  • Tuesday: Inside Disaster: Haiti (choose your own adventure simulation)
  • Thursday: Disaster Preparedness: Three Things to Know
  • Friday: In class reading on Typhoon Haiyan
Specific posts for each day will be posted to the blog. 

HL2: to what extent do individuals and societies benefit from development?
  • Monday: Debrief on responses to Naim
  • Tuesday: The International Trade Game
  • Thursday: Poverty and Inequality: Collier and Wilkinson
  • Friday: In class writing; Compare and contrast the views of Collier and Wilkinson with respect to the divide between rich and poor around the world. What political solutions do they offer? To what extent do these seem reasonable?
Specific posts for each day will be posted to the blog.

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