01 April 2014

IB Glopo HL2: Revision schedule for the IB Exam

As you all work diligently towards completing your study guides, please take note of the following schedule of mock IB assessments. We'll use the 90 minute period each Tuesday to write and the following class on Thursday to peer-mark and debrief on your responses. I know many of you have travel, exhibitions, and other activities that will keep you busy over the next six weeks, so please mark these assessment dates your calendars accordingly.

1 April: Mock Paper 1 (Sovereignty)

8 April: Mock Paper 1 (NGOs)

15 April: Mock Paper 2 (Power, sovereignty, and international relations)
  • To what extent is state sovereignty an outdated concept in the 21st century?
  • “Global politics is characterized more by cooperation than by conflict.” Discuss.
29 April: Mock Paper 2 (Human Rights)
  • “A national or regional approach to human rights enforcement is more effective than a global approach.” Discuss.
  • “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights seeks to impose a Western perspective on human rights on non-Western societies.” To what extent do you agree with this criticism?
6 May: Mock Paper 2 (Development)
  • Evaluate the claim that development is impossible to measure.
  • “The biggest obstacle to development in developing countries is debt.” Discuss.
13 May: Mock Paper 2 (Peace and conflict)
  • “Truth and reconciliation commissions are the most effective way to foster peace.” To what extent do you agree with this claim?
  • Evaluate the claim that humanitarian intervention is a justifiable intrusion into the sovereignty of a state.
We'll spend our final Tuesday together (sniffle) working on last minute revisions. Please also plan to meet for coffee and breakfast in 101 on at 7.45am Thursday the 22nd before your Paper 2 exams.