07 April 2014

IB Global Politics: #Rwanda20

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide. While there are a plethora of great stories that have come out in recent days, these stood out as some of the most compelling, informative, or provocative. Please take the opportunity to read, listen, and reflect on these, especially if you're revising for exams or preparing for tomorrow's simulation.

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Tomorrow, the Glopo Year 1 students will take part in a day long simulation on peace building in post-genocide Rwanda. One village, six people gives students the opportunity to explore and apply their understanding of the concepts power, legitimacy, sovereignty, interdependence, peace, non-violence, conflict, and violence as they take on various roles of victims and perpetrators of the Rwandan genocide. I'll be sure to post pictures and reflections, including our #Rwanda20 selfie, on the experience after we've completed our debriefing.