10 April 2014

IB Global Politics: the weeks ahead, 12-27 April

'evening folks,

Here is the general outline of coursework for the next two weeks. Again, I will be in Costa Rica from 17-26 April. Before you ask, I have promised Molly that I will not bring my computer with me for this trip. So no, I won't be checking emails or on Twitter (well, maybe...a little) while we're away. I will be relaxing and reading (this, this, and this) in a hammock in the rainforest, at the beach, or otherwise lounging about in the happiest place on earth. Here's a few things to keep you busy while we're apart:

HL2: Complete the IB Global Politics Examination Review
This document is the only thing that you should work in class on from the 11th through the 27th. You'll have roughly 9 hours of class time in addition to any other time you spend outside to get this done. There's really no reason why you won't be able to complete this task in your teams. We'll have time to walk through three (3) mock Paper 2s, including debriefing and assessment, between the time I return and your IB exam. Failing to complete the Examination Review will leave you unprepared for your IB Global Politics HL exam on 21 & 22 May.

HL1: International Security in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
We'll use the next two weeks to complete our first HL extension task; International Security in the DRC. Please refer to this document to guide you through your inquiry over the next two weeks while I am away. My best advice for you, and we'll flesh this out in class over the next few days, is for you to form study groups to read, listen, & watch as many of the sources in the bibliography during the next two weeks (the Gambino report as well as some of the reports from the Rift Valley Institute are pretty heavy lifting). We'll start work on developing research questions when I return, as well as to delve into some deeper theory and simulations on the nature of civil wars and identity-based conflict.

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