28 April 2014

IB Glopo HL1: Calendar for the next two weeks

'afternoon folks,

As promised, here is the revised schedule we put together in this morning's class. I've also enclosed a general schedule of readings to be done outside of class over the next two weeks. I know that this seems like a lot, and it is, but having a command of this source material will leave you well positioned for completing your practice HL Extension Task that will serve as your summative assessment for the year.

29 April: Watch & debrief, Kony, M23, and the real rebels of Congo
1 May: Read Kaufmann, C. (1996). Possible and Impossible Solutions to Ethnic Civil War. International Security, 20(4), 136-175.
2 May: Play, Grab That Spoon! with Kaufmann (1996)

5 May: Prep for simulation, Bamara Border Dispute
6 May: Simulation & debrief, Bamara Border Dispute
8 May: Read, Byman, D. (2002). Dilemmas and choices. In Keeping the peace: Lasting solutions to ethnic conflicts (pp. 213-225). Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press.
9 May: Play, Review Roulette with Byman (2002)