03 December 2013

Review, International Law and Treaties for IB Global Politics students

As        As result of the end of term feedback from IB Glopo students in Year 1 and Year 2, I've put together a set of resources that will serve to bolster your existing understanding of international law and treaties. Please begin by reading United Nations. (2013). Global issues at the United Nations. UN News Center. Retrieved from This, along with the links below, should serve as a good refresher of the concepts you felt you were less comfortable with than others we have covered so far this term. After reading these, you should be able to identify the (a) sources of international law, (b) examples or international law in several different areas of world politics, and (c) specific events, institutions, or other areas where international law exists as a part of the wider interactions of global politics. 

For those of you interested in reading a contemporary debate about the politics of international law would be well served by reading both articles below. (You can also email me and I will send you *.pdf copies from my subscription) If you're choosing to read both of these articles, please also take the opportunity to write a commentary to the following prompt, To what extent to the authors see international law as comparable to or in contrast to the concept of state sovereignty? Discuss the ways in which you agree or disagree with the authors' assertions outlined in the articles below. 

Finally, for the visually-inclined, please take advantage of Prof. Kal Raustiala's brief lectures on the nature and application of international law.