13 December 2013

IB Glopo HL2: 16 to 20 December

To what extent do individuals and societies benefit from development?

Its our final week of class in 2013! We'll start the week with an introduction to development analysis. While not the same lesson I taught to our 5th grade classes last year, you will definitely want to learn how to play with Gapminder, especially as you plan for your HL Extension Tasks. We have another simulation this week-well done on the one from last Tuesday. We'll also take a look at complementary arguments about the darker side of development as well as what can or cannot be done about it. 
  • Monday: Debrief on Friday's in-class writing. Introduction to Development Analysis-Gapminder. Be ready to play and to develop a research question for us to investigate. For example, Is there a direct and measurable correlation between the amount of poverty in a country and the quality of education in that country?
  • Tuesday: Simulation, Foreign Direct Investment in Mandoa. Meet in the Learning Commons. 
  • Thursday: Watch and discuss the arguments and evidence presented in both Collier's (The Bottom Billion) and Wilkinson's (How Economic Inequality Harms Societies) TED Talks. 
  • Friday: In class writing: Compare and contrast the views of Collier and Wilkinson with respect to the divide between rich and poor around the world. What political solutions do they offer? To what extent do these seem reasonable?

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