06 December 2013

IB Glopo Year 2: Development (continued)

Week of 9-13 December
  • Monday: Debrief on your responses to the Mingst and Karns prompt. Introduce next simulation: Meridia and Petrocentram: Oil drilling off the eastern shore of central America.
  • Tuesday: Play and debrief Meridia and Petroentram
  • Thursday: In class reading on Foreign Affairs article. 
    • Note: I have a conference call with the IB at 9am. Consequently, we'll meet in the Learning Commons at 8.25 and work independently throughout the class period. 
  • Friday: In class writing. Choose one (1) article from Foreign Affairs (located in the bibliography). How does the author(s) frame the issue(s) in terms of a geopolitical challenge related to development. What solutions does the author(s) provide? To what extent do these seem reasonable?
Articles (choose 1)

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