13 December 2013

IB Glopo 1: 16 through 20 December

Its our last week of classes for 2013! We’ll close out the calendar with a look at the question of how governments are, or should be, responsible for protecting their citizens before, during, and after disasters. This theme of legitimacy also ties in with our current events discussion for the week. We’ll continue with our current events discussion with our revised approach, conduct one simulation from the PON at Harvard, and take a look at some more scholarly reading on the politics of disaster.

  • Monday: Current events discussion. Our theme this week is Legitimacy. As you read your article, please consider the following question; to what extent are governments accountable to their citizens as well as to the wider international community? Your articles for the week are as follows:
  • Tuesday: Simulation, Veritas and Pulchra (DS-30):
  • Thursday: In class reading and discussion, Hapeman, K. (co). The effects of politics on natural disasters: Lessons learned from Bangladesh. Unpublished manuscript, University of Denver, Denver. Retrieved December 12, 2013, from‎.
  • Friday: In class writing, For what reasons, if any, are governments, international organizations, and/or non-governmental organizations responsible for caring for people citizens from disasters? Please post your responses to the blog:

Supplemental Reading
Olson, R. S. (2008). Toward a politics of disaster: Losses, values, agendas, and blame. In A. Boin (Ed.), Crisis management (Vol. 3). Los Angeles, CA: Sage. Available here:

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