21 February 2014

IB Global Politics: The week ahead, 24-28 February.

Crisis Guide: Iran

HL2: Higher Level Extension Tasks

Monday through Friday: We'll begin the process of developing your second HL extension task. Please begin by completing another column on the HL Extension Tracking Form by the end of the day on Tuesday. The rest of the week is yours to begin your research. Please remember that you must choose a question & then research area that is different from first HL extension. Please note that the last day to submit HL Extension Tasks is Friday 7 March. Third term is reserved entirely for revising towards the inaugural IB Global Politics exam as well as tying up any loose ends in the course, the IB Program, and your high school career. 

HL1: The politics of nuclear proliferation

Essential Question
To what extent is the proliferation of nuclear energy, weapons, and related technologies a geopolitical challenge?

Key Concepts
Power, Sovereignty, Legitimacy, Interdependence, Peace, Conflict, Violence, Nonviolence

Theoretical Foundations
Realism, Liberalism, Constructivism

Learning Outcomes and Prescribed Content
  • The distribution, recognition and contesting of power at various levels of global politics
    • Definitions of power; Theories of power; Types of power
  • The operation and legitimization of state power in global politics
    • States and statehood; The role of institutional contexts for operation and legitimization of state power
  • The function and impact of international organizations and non-state actors in global politics
    • Definition of civil society; International organizations, including the United Nations (UN); Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), multinational corporations (MNCs) and trade unions; Social movements, resistance movements and violent protest movements
  • The nature and extent of interactions in global politics
    • Global governance; Cooperation: treaties, collective security, strategic alliances, informal cooperation; Conflict: interstate war, intrastate war, terrorism, strikes, demonstrations
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