10 February 2014

IB Global Politics: Paper 1 Reflection

HL1 students are wrapping up their process of constructing our first Paper 1. This included beginning with having ample time to read all of the articles from which the stimuli were derived, spending a 90 minute class period walking through the mechanics and markshemes for the assessment, using two 50 minute class periods to draft, ask questions, and otherwise developing their responses to the four questions, a weekend to complete the Paper 1, and then a few days to read the feedback and refine their papers accordingly.

As a capstone for this assessment, students are asked to reflect on the totality of their learning in process. The feedback, self-assessment, and information provided not only give learners the chance to debrief and reflect on their learning, but also provide me with a wealth of information that helps to frame the assessment as a whole as well as to provide specific guidance to students for the next time we tackle this assessment. I'll publish the quantitative results as well as some anecdotal comments from this survey sometime next week.

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