06 February 2014

IB Global Politics: The Week Ahead, 10-14 February

Things start to diverge a bit next week. HL2 folks; you'll be working to wrap up your first HL Extension Task while HL1 folks will begin our inquiry into the Politics of Nuclear Proliferation.

Monday-Friday: Work on HL Extension Task Presentations
Please note that presentations needs to be uploaded to your @mynbps YouTube account (set to private) and shared with me ( no later than Friday 14 February. 
I will start marking these over the weekend.


  • Monday
    • Play Classical Realism
  • Tuesday
    • Read Kegley, C. W., & Raymond, G. A. (2012). Foreign policy decision making. In The global future: A brief introduction to world politics (5th ed., pp. 55-79). Boston, MA: Wadsworth/Cengage Learning. (link)
      • You may want to start this this weekend, especially if you're finished with your Paper 1
    • Play Glossary as a review/debrief on the readings
  • Thursday
  • Friday
    • Nonproliferation Guide
      • Watch introductory video
        • Develop informal presentations on Conventions and Treaties, Organizations and Institutions, Initiatives, and Security Council Resolutions. 
        • Presentations should not just highlight key actors, organizations, and rules but also address the so what? question
      • Review the map of nuclear states
For everyone
  1. Please sign up for next week's Academic Conference Call by replying to this post
  2. Also, please indicate if you're going to participate in our first IB Glopo/OMUN Debate/Pizza Party on Wednesday the 26th by replying here
  3. Finally, be sure that you're completing your Student Teacher Survey as soon as possible, thanks.