26 August 2013

A great start to the school year!

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So, I'm sure you all had many a question today. Thankfully, we'll have the opportunity over the next he next year or two to explore these in greater depth. Here's what we have on tap for tomorrow (27 August):

Glopo Year 1

Please read the Introduction to Global Politics: Levels of Analysis blog post. You'll also want to preview our first set of work here. You may also want to do a little reconnaissance and find an article you wish to analyze for tomorrow from any of the following sources:
Glopo Year 2
Please review our initial foray into the study of the oceans here. Please download or otherwise save a copy of Brigham, L. W. (2010, September/October). Think Again: The Arctic. Foreign Policy. Retrieved from We'll read this in class tomorrow. If we finish early, we'll move onto the next section of The Oceans unit.

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