25 June 2013

Games, Learning, and Autism Spectrum Disorders

As a parent of an HFASD child, I'm constantly attuned to news on interesting research programs that focus on socialization and learning for children on the Autism spectrum. I know from practical experience that non-competitive games are a great way for my HFASD daughter to engage in exploratory learning environments at her own pace. As the BBC noted yesterday researchers at the University of East Anglia have developed virtual reality scenario-based environments for people who suffer from anxiety. The idea is that allowing individuals who suffer from social anxiety to experiment in unfamiliar or stressful virtual environments will allow them to practice their social skills, debrief and reflect on their experiences, and plan out strategies in preparation for similar situations in the future. I'm also curious about the extent to which HFASD learners participate in simulations and decision-making games for their own enjoyment. Perhaps there's another research question & project to explore once I finish with my dissertation.

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