17 May 2013

Meaningful Assessment in a ROLE classroom

I introduced the following survey to the IB Global Politics students this morning. With two weeks left in the term, and with the students working on their IB Internal Assessments, I wanted a way for students to authentically document and reflect upon their work this term. The most significant facet of this survey-one that I've offered in some form or another for the last several years-is that the students have the responsibility of determining their grade for the term. Students are tasked with accounting for and reflecting upon their approach to their learning; readings, research, application, communication, performance, and more. As always, my primary mission is to provide students with a challenging intellectual environment where I can offer personalized feedback on their learning. What is not a part of my mission is to arbitrarily assign grades to a student's work. This survey allows each student and I to frame a conversation about their grade in our course, something that we'll do in the final week of the year.

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