19 March 2013

On the 10 year anniversary of the #Iraq War

It's worth recalling the academics who were against the invasion. Its also important to recognize that most of the signatories to this op-ed can easily fall into the Realist camp of IR. This op-ed was published in the New York Times on 26 September 2002. I also recall being a 1st year grad student at the ISA convention in Portland, OR; we were convening when the invasion began. I think the entire conference stood on the stairs and all throughout the lobby of the hotel (for cameras, of course-although IR academics don't tend to be too camera friendly). I'm pretty sure I was standing near John Vasquez towards the top of the stairs. In any event, let it be remembered that the academic community most attuned to world politics, regardless of political or theoretical variety, were firmly against the invasion of Iraq. 

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